NBA 2K23's requirements for Contact Dunks

NBA 2K23's requirements for Contact Dunks

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The fact is, Chicago's rating of 2K clearly has no bearing on the way they'll play as a group. However, it's very frustrating for fans who were looking at playing their favorite team that so many talking heads on national television seem to have no idea the situation with the Bulls.NBA 2K23's requirements for Contact Dunks

Knowing the NBA 2K23 Contact Dunk requirements is crucial if you wish to prove your dominance when it comes to the court. There are not many things more satisfying than throwing a dunk at a weak opponent and demonstrating your superiority. Contact dunks are a supreme powerplay in basketball, not only in reality, but also in NBA 2K games as well! And they're back for 2K23! In this guide, you will find all NBA 2K23 Contact Dunk requirements for the Small, Pro Elite, Pro, and Bigman Dunk types, along with all Attribute and Height numbers.

Dunking has always been among the most entertaining things you can do as a player within NBA 2K games. As each version of the game, this renowned aspect of basketball is getting more difficult to master. And, things are no differently in NBA 2K23. Understanding how to Dunk is more complicated than ever before, which means you'll need to practice extensively. This is especially true for those who want to constantly engage your Dunk Meter.

Now, let's review the dunk rules. In order to successfully perform diverse types of dunks it is necessary to meet the following Height & Attribute requirements:As you can probably see if recollecting the requirements of the previous year, they're not modified in NBA 2K23. They're exactly the same as NBA 2K22. Therefore, prior to creating your player, think about these rules, and what kind of dunks you prefer to execute with your player. Then, create them according to these requirements.
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