Madden 23's most significant update is what's known

Madden 23's most significant update is what's known

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What's new ? What's brand new? Madden 23?

Madden 23's most significant update is what's known as Fieldsense which is an upgrade to the game's field mechanics. New tackle animations and technology have changed the play-byplay character of the game such as punchout fumbles , temporary fumbles, and Gang tackles are meant to give a little energy for the players. EA calls"The Hit Everything feature." The Hit Every feature.

The Fieldsense system goes beyond just dealing with. It also addresses. It's a holistic approach to every aspect of field play and includes EA Tiburon citing improvements to DBs who guard wideouts passing rushers, and to players collapsing into the pocket to gain access to QBs, as well as better defensive blocking in the trenches. Like every year's sporting event, the players community will decide whether these improvements are as effective and extensive as the team wants, EA Tiburon has elected not to ignore the importance of Fieldsense.

The subheadlines are numerous within the Fieldsense umbrella. The main one could be called Skill-Based passing that transforms quarterback play into something more akin to fielding balls on MLB The Show, where the active throw meter can aid in determining precision. EA Tiburon says this added level of control during the passing game can allow players to get back shoulder catch, and as well hit other narrow windows like never before. After a few initial beta exercises and testing, the greater Madden community appears in agreement, with a lot of players saying that once you've learned the game's mechanics, there is a clear path to return.
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